School of Rock on Broadway: A Review


This past Sunday I had the privilege to see School of Rock on Broadway. If you are familiar with the movie, the show is easily ten times better. There was not a single moment that I wasn’t captivated by the plot line or the immense talent that was right in front of me. The one thing I really loved about this play is that it is suited for all ages. In the crowd there were four year olds I saw who were dancing away to the music, and 80 year olds who were cracking up at the jokes made by the amazing cast.

The show begins with Dewey Finn being dumped by his rock band and becoming a couch potato at his best friend Ned’s house, and of course, he isn’t paying rent. Ned’s bossy girlfriend Patty lays down the law: time to get a job and start paying rent. Desperate for money, Dewey steals Ned’s job offer at the highly respected prep school, Horace Prep. With no teaching experience whatsoever, Dewey does what he does best: music. After finding out each student has a musical talent, he brings them together to form a band that will perform in the Battle of the Bands. The rest of the play is filled with moments of laughter, moments that give you the chills and pure talent that can only be understood if you see the play.

The child actors are a huge reason the show was so incredible. At the very beginning of the play there was a disclaimer that each student is actually playing their instruments, not just pretending. With that knowledge, watching the performances became so much more aweing. These kids are no more than ten years old and are brilliant actors, can dance, sing and play instruments unbelievably. They are truly one in a million. Personally, knowing how to play the guitar myself, the most impressive had to be the lead guitarist in the band, Zach. His ability to shred left me with my jaw dropped, wondering how it was even possible to have a talent like that.

The overall production was flawless as well. The actor who played the main character Dewey, was actually the third string for that part. But I have to say, he nailed it. He was as enthusiastic, funny and talented as you could possibly be for that part. The sets in the show were also done so beautifully. There were times when I was mesmerized by how real they seemed, making it look like they were actually in a school. Everything about the show was perfect.
If you ever have the opportunity to see this show, I can easily promise that you will leave with a smile on your face. It is such a lively performance that does nothing less than making you want to rock out with all of your buddies.