Q: Can I submit something to The FOCUS?
A: Yes you can! Send your article, essay, album, or blog to [email protected] and our staff will feature it on the website.

Q: How can I join The FOCUS Staff?
A: The Focus Staff meet every other Wednesday in L102. However, you don’t have to attend meetings in order to join. We also have a Schoology Group. To join, reach out to our Editor-In-Chief Grant Vialardi.

Q: Is there a deadline for submissions?
A: Nope! You can submit to [email protected] whenever you want.

Q: How long does my article have to be?
A: It can be any length, so long as it pertains to any school-appropriate topic.

Q: I read my article and it’s slightly different than when I first submitted it. Why is that?
A: Our staff editors meticulously read through each article in order to fix any grammatical errors it may contain. If your submission has changed, it’s probably for that reason.

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