Popular Shows and Movies Leave Netflix in 2022

The popular streaming service and production company, Netflix, plans to remove numerous of its users’ favorite titles in January of 2022. Unfortunately, many studios sign licensing agreements that expire at the very beginning of the year, starting fans off on the new year without their favorite films.

Fans unaware of future show removals go on Twitter to express their outrage. “I WANT MY FAVORITE MOVIE BACK!!”, an anonymous 17 year old Tweeted on January 1st, 2022, after the movie Titanic was officially removed from Netflix.

Various other award-winning movies were taken off of the streaming platform on January 1st, including Cinderella Story, Charlie’s Angels, Gladiator, and Mystic Pizza. These fan-favorites will sadly be missed by many of Netflix’s users in 2022.

One of Netflix’s most popularly-viewed movie sagas, the Twilight Saga will leave a hole in many viewers’ hearts when it leaves the platforms on January 15th. All five movies in the series are being taken off of Netflix when the licensing agreement expires.

“The fact that this series was just taken off of Netflix is my bad news for 2022”, says Jess(20), a big fan of the Twilight Saga. He feels as though the movies were just made available and are being removed too soon.

Some children’s favorites including Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, as well as The Cat in the Hat will be unavailable to watch on Netflix as of January 6th of 2022.



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