A Trip to Astroworld


photo by Complex magazine

The sun was down and it was most certainly freezing cold on March 2nd, 2019 in Astroworld; Travis Scott was officially in town. And let me tell you, the anticipation and excitement that I experienced the night before was also felt by thousands of fans. When the night finally arrived, the environment in Madison Square Garden was one of pure thrill and high energy, even before Scott’s featured act, Sheck Wes, began the set.

As Scott swaggered onto the stage, the crowd instantly lost control and broke out in screams. Fans willingly gave their bodies to the music as it filled the immense auditorium. There were two large overhead screens for the whole Garden to watch every step Scott took, as he glided effortlessly from one side to the other.

My first impression of the entire scene? I was left speechless and especially fascinated by the set design. I had never seen a stage so “interactive” with its audience. With the wheel of fire on one side to the electrifying rollercoaster over the mosh pit, everybody in the Garden that night was made to feel a part of the action. Every song told its own story and truly reflected Scott’s personal experiences and an unwavering dedication to his rap career.

Now, I understand Travis Scott’s style, genre, and music isn’t made for everyone. But, I can say that his love for music and his fans is apparent through his creative mindset, ideas, and the complexity of his lyrics. I have never heard more brilliant, intense, and powerful lyrics written and produced by a hip-hop artist.

All in all, Travis Scott’s concert was ~out of this world~ and an unforgettable experience, although many would say it was far too short. We will now have to wait for Scott’s next album, which fans will soon begin to anticipate. That is, of course, once the initial “hype” of Astroworld starts to die down. However, it’s safe to say that the impact and love generated for this album will live on.



Edited by Zoe Roskin