Humans of John Jay: Caroline Mardirossian


Q: What was your most memorable John Jay moment?


A: “My most memorable moment at John Jay was my doubles match against Fox Lane during my junior year. It was one of the best matches that I have ever played in. It was a 3 hour match that went into 3 sets and was the closest match I’ve ever played. Even though we didn’t win, I still consider it to be the best moment for me at John Jay. This moment truly showed me the value of all of the hard work I had put in during the season and also showcased my teams supportive camaraderie.”


Q: What was your favorite class in high school?


A: “My favorite class in high school was HumRe because I was able to learn about how to research difficult topics and get better at writing. The class community was the most important thing about that class and allowed me to grow as a student. I was able to share and evaluate ideas — free of negative opinion —and dive deeply into truly captivating topics with my peers.”