Humans of John Jay: Charlie Oestreicher


Student/Staff Image

Q: What was your most memorable John Jay moment?

A: “My freshmen year, the varsity hockey team made it to the section semi-finals against Byram Hills. This particular game, we had a huge crowd up in the stands cheering us on—a real show of school spirit. We ended up winning in double overtime when Michael Fischetti ripped a shot from the point. This moment was especially memorable for me because Michael had taken me in as a friend and mentor, and I felt a great sense of joy having him score in front of the entire school, which showcased his true talent on the ice.”


Q: What was your favorite class in high school?

A: “Throughout high school, I have taken a lot of classes to fill course requirements. Junior year I was able to choose more of my classes based on my interests. I had always been a math and science guy and was excited to put them together, so I decided to enroll in AP Physics 1. Under the guidance of Mr. Longhurst, our tight-knit class was able to explore how the universe works, not in terms of humans or biological life, but rather we explored universal constants, and in simpler terms, why things happen on Earth.”