Impossible Foods



You may have heard about a new company called Impossible Foods, which has created an innovative new meat-alternative which is the closest thing to actual meat that we have seen yet. As a non-vegetarian, I am not necessarily the target market for this. In any case, I am well able to compare it to actual meat.  

Recently I ordered a burger with the Impossible Foods beef, and honestly, I could not tell the difference between it and a real beef burger. In one bite I was sold and am surprised to report that it was just as good as any traditional beef burger. 

The primary way that Impossible Foods has differentiated itself from other plant-based meat alternatives is by marketing directly to consumers in supermarkets as well as selling to restaurants. This is a unique approach that has not been seen until recently and could be behind why the company is doing so well. 

Another key differentiator between the Impossible Foods “beef” and other alternatives is that Impossible Foods added one crucial component found in meat. This is a molecule called Heme, it is what gives meat its red color and helps to carry oxygen in living organisms. Plants, particularly legumes contain heme. The plant-based heme is identical to the heme found in red meat. As a result, when you include the plant-based heme in plant-based meat, it gives the red color typically associated with meat along with some of the flavor typically associated with meat. 

So, go out and try it. Regardless of if you are vegan or not, it is a healthier alternative to beef, and honestly, it doesn’t taste any different. You may be surprised by how much you like it!