Are you Thrifting Yet?

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Clothing: everyone loves it. It’s a fun way to express yourself and not be naked. Do you like to buy fresh new clothes? Let’s face it, you do. And so do I. But did you ever think of how your constant demand for fashion affects the environment? And if you don’t care about the environment, then maybe you want to save a few bucks. Well, you’re in luck! Thrifting can save the world and take a toll off your wallet. 

I am a thrifting enthusiast but I was not always this way. My interest in this activity peaked when it became ‘trendy’. I am going to be 100% honest and say my motive was to find cool clothes. Surprisingly, my quest to cool clothes ended up to be a more positive endeavor than I thought! My field trips to the thrift store were (and are) saving the environment! 

Almost everyone is guilty of the disposal of clothes that have not been utilized to their full potential. Maybe it’s ugly? Maybe it has a hole? Maybe you just want new things? This obsessive cycle of disposal and purchase is what plagues the environment. ‘Garbage’ garments are sent to landfills where they decompose and release toxic gases. These toxic gases include greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane, which are warming up our planet. So yes, your possessions are ultimately contributing to global warming. 

If you have little regard for mother earth, then here are some reasons why thrifting will benefit you. Thrifting will save you money! The average person spends about $161 per month on clothes. You don’t have to be that average person! As long as you’re not shopping at those hip Brooklyn thrift stores that sell things for 2 times the price, you’ll save some dough. Who doesn’t want to do that? Additionally, you will be surprised by all the great brands for such low prices: I once bought a Lululemon tank top (perfect condition) for $2! 

If you haven’t already gotten the hint, I would love it if you went thrifting. Instead of hitting the mall with your girls (or guys), find your local thrift store. I’m not asking you to never shop ‘normally’ again (I have yet to find Nike Air Forces thrifting), but just to be conscious about how many new things you buy. Thrifting is so great because you can get ‘new’ things to show off without the environmental cost. And when you are done with the items, don’t throw them out. Donate them to charity or even your local thrift store! The earth and your wallet will greatly thank you.