LookBook: Spirit Week and Halloween 2016


During the first weeks of school, September and October are two of the most exciting and hectic months of the year. After a long summer break, everyone appears to be in a daze as they jump back into the swing of daily high school life. Though, September and October brought several breaks from the daily stress of school. This was expressed in the latest Look Book, a special edition that highlighted the very best Halloween costumes and Spirit Wear of 2016. From crafting leftover extra large class t-shirts into dresses to uniquely styling red, white, and blue on USA day, students showed their individuality and creativity throughout Spirit Week. Likewise, on Halloween, practically everyone dressed in the festive spirit. From the horde of hot dogs to princesses and cops, carefree costumes made Monday a little less dreary. Overall, the laid back nature of the fall months brought some of the craziest attires to John Jay, demonstrating the ability of the student body to lay down it’s guard and make school a little more entertaining than usual. With this being said, leaving behind the fun of fall and summer and embarking on the upcoming winter months, may prove to be a little tough.