JProm Trends 2017


With Junior Prom quickly approaching, I decided to look into the top stores and dress trends for 2017. As I began scrolling through the junior prom dress Facebook group, it’s fair to say that the store: Free People is this year’s favorite. Free People is higher on the price scale but sells very bohemian, yet chic, clothing. From this store, most girls are picking out dresses with very straight shapes and lace detailing either all over or partially covering the dress. Lace is a classic fabric that adds a formal touch to an average dress and is evidently trending this year.

Another popular spot is Revolve, a very modern store with unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Most girls, who are on the search for a dress, have left this store with colorful, patterned pieces with an unordinary flare to them. This store is one you must dig into; they sell a lot of business dresses and formal dresses but when you really look, there is a bounty of beautiful dresses perfect for prom.

The third favorite store this year is Lulu’s; a store selling trendy dresses designed for any occasion. This spring, Lulu’s has been showcasing many floral dresses, lace dresses, and dresses with open backs and keyhole fronts. Cut-outs and open backs seem to be a big hit this year, and Lulu’s is the perfect place to uphold this trend.

Most junior girls seem to be having the most luck finding a perfect JProm dress at one of these three stores or websites. As many girls have already posted their dress in the group, as a whole, the top trend is certainly lace, whether it be in small or large amounts. Most girls also seem to be choosing dresses with more closed-up fronts, with either an exciting, “strappy” back or no back at all. Many girls following this “open-back trend,” have either a lace up tie swooping across the back or a dip falling ever so slightly under the shoulder blades. This year, color-wise, many girls have been posting dresses in the pastel family. Light pinks and coral, pale blues, mint green, and lavender seem to be a popular choice. However, many girls have also been finding their perfect dress in white, deep red, or navy blue. These classic colors tend to go very well with the spray tan most girls get prior to prom! After talking to a few people, most claim to be wearing a nude heel or wedge, which will forever be an iconic fashion piece never to go out of style.  

With the Facebook group already filled with a bounty of beautiful, classy, and stylish dresses, it’s safe to say that every girl is looking forward to the Junior Prom!  The 2017 JProm trends are full of style, color, and originality, which will certainly account for a wonderful night! I, personally, am not only looking forward to prom, itself, but am thrilled to see these fashionable looks being shown off in photos!