A “Must-Go-To” Boutique: Caren Forbes


As a personal favorite, and the favorite of so many more, Caren Forbes, is a small boutique in New Canaan, CT. The store is owned by Caren herself, selling clothing, accessories, jewelry, and more. Starting off with only a few local customers, the boutique has truly grown into an all-time favorite, must-go-to store. The store is reasonably priced, leaning more towards the expensive side. However, although some pieces can be argued too expensive, Caren Forbes frequently has huge sales ranging from 25% to 75% off! As a loyal Instagram follower myself, her announcements of these sales are extremely exciting.  

Not only do the sales boost the morale of the store, but the quality of the clothing, itself, is something to die for.  Caren consistently puts new clothing out all the time and is very on top of all the latest trends. If you ever needed a nice dress or romper she has racks of merely those. After walking up the steps into the boutique, the store is glamorously divided into three rooms. The first room has new arrivals, the second is the main part of the store (and where you pay), and the back room contains mainly heavier pieces or on sale items. Frequently, the back room will have huge signs screaming that everything in the room is $10 or less!

I can vouch for all of the other loyal customers to say that this store is everything you would want it to be, selling a plethora of styles, colors, and types of clothing! From oversized sweaters and flannels to fancy rompers and dresses, this store truly has it all. With the stock consistently changing, it is possible to find a unique shirt or dress without the worry that someone else will have it, too! Although the stock changes, Caren consistently sells basic pieces, as in a solid colored crop top or standard denim jeans, as staples and go-to’s. Other than clothing, bags, jewelry, candles, lotions, soaps, and keychains fill the store, creating a beautiful array of accessories. Whether it be chokers or big statement necklaces, all of the jewelry is usually what everyone is wearing at the time. And if you ever need a birthday gift for a friend this is the place to go, as gift cards and the clothing, itself, make the perfect gift. 

Caren Forbes is a fashion-forward affordable store designed for all girls to shop in. From soft to louder pieces, there is a wide style range  that anyone would enjoy. So if you haven’t already stopped in on the small prize of a boutique, I highly recommend you do and I can guarantee you will walk out of there with something you love!