The New and Improved Study Hall


Student Image

Remote classes during the pandemic have created a multitude of complications for everyone and required all students to adjust their school routines. However, learning from home has provided a few silver linings, one of which is a new and improved study hall. Previously, there wasn’t much students could undertake during a 40-minute study hall period. Their only options were to visit the library, do homework, meet with a teacher, or stare at the ceiling. With remote learning, however, students’ options are no longer as limited. Being at home during study hall affords virtually endless possibilities during those 40 minutes. You can walk your dog, shoot a basketball in the driveway, or even play video games. My favorite way to spend morning study halls is to whip up a gourmet breakfast. I often make a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with a hash brown and ketchup on an everything bagel, or pancakes with a dollop of freshly made whipped cream and caramelized apples. I also like to spend this time playing with my Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees (who serve as my classmates on remote learning days) or taking a nap. If necessary, I can also complete schoolwork or do a Zoom conference with a teacher, but those are no longer my only options. Unlike in prior years, I now end study hall revitalized, well fed, and ready to engage in my next classes. I encourage all my peers to use this time in an effective and enjoyable manner and take full advantage of the improved study hall this year.