Mario Kart Tour Review

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Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s sixth venture into the mobile games market after five lackluster games. Mario Kart Tour was announced in January of 2018 and was released on September 25, 2019. Even though the hype surrounding this game died out about two days into its lifespan, I have still been playing it on and off since its opening. Here are some reasons why the game is worth a shot, and some reasons why it does not hold up to its predecessors.


To start, this game is very easy to pick-up for a couple of minutes when you have found yourself bored and yearning for something to do. The controls are easy to understand and well adapted to mobile phones, a major perk when smartphones are the most common device you take around.

 However, the game has some faults. While you pick-up the game when you are bored, you also give-up because you end-up bored, and I find myself getting bored quite often after a few rounds. 


The game’s tracks are very repetitive and there is no sense of achievement when you win as you are racing against a bunch of computers, and you win a lot. By the time you get to the more challenging stages of the game, the season resets and you’re back to the beginning, leaving all your previous achievements behind.  


The drift mode takes some getting used to, but is more fun than the Smart Steering mode. The art style is nice but very bland and similar to all other Mario games.


In the end, it was a good attempt but I’ll be sticking with Nickelodeon SuperBrawl Universe. I’d say on a scale out of five, this game rates a 3/5.