This Is My Senior Year Bucket List

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This Is My Senior Year Bucket List

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Making lists is usually not my forte; I don’t have a planner or a to-do list. Yet, I’ve been at John Jay High School for almost four years now, and I’ve crossed a lot off on an unspoken list that comprises shared community experiences. Having said that, senior year has almost reached its halfway point and there are still quite a few things I’m missing. My friends and I came up with a couple of things that we want to accomplish (including some that we’ve already “checked off”) before packing our bags for college.

Thank you Tyman Cronin, Rebecca Wittner, Madeline Pagano, Tommy Feinstein, Jake Cohen, Sam Goodman and others for helping me craft my bucket list. To all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, I recommend you get a head start on this. To the rest of the senior class, may we strive to accomplish all that is listed below and beyond in these final months to come.  

  1. Attend a HS Football Game
  2. Walk in the Homecoming Parade
  3. Go into NYC with friends for dinner
  4. Go sledding at John Jay
  5. Visit your elementary school
  6. Go to Cameron’s Deli past midnight
  7. Go to the St. Patrick’s Parade (during school) with friends 
  8. Participate in Senior Skip Day
  9. Go all out on spirit week
  10. Get a 100 on a Calc test
  11. Go to the Dam during a free period to admire the view
  12. Speak on the intercom in the office
  13. Take part in the Senior Prank
  14. Shadow Officer Secret for a day
  15. Go on a road trip with friends
  16. Find a part-time job and meet new people
  17. Hike at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
  18. Write a letter to your favorite teachers thanking them
  19. Find an exciting internship
  20. Order #35 on a roll from Empire (I promise you won’t be disappointed)
  21. Dance all night at the senior prom
  22. Attend Homecoming, Jayfest, and the Yorktown v. JJ Lacrosse game
  23. Wear a friend’s jersey on gameday
  24. Pick the perfect senior quote
  25. Find a college roommate
  26. Go stargazing at Waccabuc Country Club
  27. Start a summer bonfire
  28. Light a Fourth of July sparkler
  29. Jump off Castle Rock
  30. Decide where you’re going to college
  31. Decorate a graduation cap 
  32. Sit on the J’s (contest field) one last time before leaving town