The Reality of Junior Year

The Reality of Junior Year

The rumors that you hear before you enter your junior year of high school are not wrong. It will be hard. You will have an unbearable amount of homework, and you will be stressed about having to take standardized tests while dealing with the workload.

What they do not tell you as you enter junior year are the positives. The amount of work you will have per night will not ALWAYS be multiple hours worth and as long as you keep up with it, it will be more than manageable. As a sophomore, I always used to hear juniors talk about how terrible junior year was. They would tell me that it will be the most stressful year of my life. However, to some extent I would beg to differ.

Although there were a lot of moments this year where I felt like junior year would never end, it truthfully was not as bad as I thought. Do not get me wrong, by no means was it easy. However, after hearing countless rumors surrounding this year, I expected a lot worse.

All year, the thought of getting into my dream college surrounds me. As I kept up with the work, I didn’t need to study as much for my  quizzes and tests.

A message for the incoming juniors:

To all incoming juniors,

Do not stress about junior year. It will be hard and it will probably feel like the longest year of your life, but the work is bearable. As long as you take classes that you are actually interested in, the work load shouldn’t seem daunting. Junior year not will not be that bad. I promise.

Yours Truly,

Rebecca K. Seiler