LIFE HACK: How to Keep Papers Together Without a Stapler

Learn how to create an innovative, staple-less staple in just 4 simple steps.


Jessica Li, Head Layout Editor

Amidst of all of the academic mayhem of junior year, I’ve decided to share a little trick that I learned long ago with my fellow John Jay students. Tired of having your loose papers scattered around everywhere? Don’t have access to a stapler? Here’s an extremely easy (and fun) way to organize your files:

Step 1. Compile the papers you want to put together (In this example, I’m using Mr. Longurst’s infamous Torque Quiz):


Step 2. Fold the corner of the documents towards you. Press the fold firmly:


Step 3. Use your hands to tear two small, parallel incisions in the flap that you’ve just created. Make sure that your incisions cut through all of the documents:


Step 4. Fold the inner tab that you’ve just created away from you. Again, press firmly!


Voila! In just 4 simple steps, you’ve created a sturdy, staple-less staple. Here’s your chance to become more organized this school year. Now, get out there and show your friends how savvy you are with this new life-hack!