John Jay High School’s Favorite Music Genres


Last week, I asked the student body of John Jay to help me with a survey on their favorite music genre. I sent a google form to all of my fellow classmates asking to submit their favorite music genre. They could choose from nine options: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop/Rap, Classical, Alternative, Punk, Country, R&B, and Electronica. The results I got were relatively shocking.

See them below:

34.4% Country

17.9% Hip-Hop/Rap

11.2% Alternative

11.2% Pop

10.7% Punk

10.7% Electronica

15.1% Other

When looking at these results, I thought, this can’t be right. How can country music be the favorite? With no disrespect towards country music, my prediction was that Hip Hop/Rap would take the lead since that is what I heard blasting in the hallways in between classes at the beginning of the school year.

I deemed that I needed a recount, and came to the assumption that some people didn’t take this seriously and/or voted multiple times. So, I created a new poll where people had to sign in to vote to make sure students could only vote once. I eliminated electronica out of the picture after deciding it falls under the category of pop. Shockingly enough, I still got similar results to my first count.

See them below:

23.3% Country

21.7% Pop

20% Alternative

13.3% Rock

11.7% Hip-Hop/Rock

10% Other

Country still took the lead. Even though this wasn’t by as large of a margin as my first count, I was still shocked. Even more shocking was that Hip Hop/Rap came in fourth place. My predictions were way off twice. The winning genre was unexpecting to me, but in the end, it was country. However, regardless, I have yet to hear Willie Nelson or John Cash blasting from the speaker in between classes!