Take Up Mandarin!

Learning a language is truly a great experience.  As a student who has taken at least one language class since 6th grade, I can say with certainty that I’ve learned so much information from the field that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Many students don’t know that John Jay offers more than the two standard language courses. My sophomore year, I enrolled in Mandarin 1 Chinese in addition Spanish. It was one of the best academic decisions I’ve ever made.

The Mandarin program at JJHS is nothing short of spectacular. I’m well aware of how daunting the language looks on the surface. There are so many complex characters and sounds, not to mention an entirely different alphabet! I used to think all of those things (even today, I still kind of do.)  However, I promise that the peaceful and relaxing environment of the class makes it very easy to learn even the most difficult parts of the language. Once you learn the simple building blocks of the language, you will soon be able to say the most complex phrases.

On top of teaching Chinese language, the Mandarin program also offers some insight into Chinese culture. I’ve not only learned the language, but I’m learning where it all came from. It’s an incredibly diverse experience that encompasses the fun of a language class with interesting history as well.

I’m now a Junior in my second year of Mandarin and still learning plenty of new things each day. I can’t recommend Mandarin enough to anyone with some space in their schedule and a desire to learn something new each school day. I am more than satisfied with my experience in this class so far. Not to mention, the Mandarin program’s instructor, Chen Chiung-Chun, is an incredible teacher and will make sure that you have a great time in her class.

Mandarin is a low stress, fun class for anyone!