John Jay Basketball: Better than Ever Before

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In past years, John Jay basketball has been thought of as a secondary sport, always basking in the shadows of other sports like lacrosse or football. But this year, this year is different. This is the year John Jay basketball makes a name for themselves.
John Jay has never been a basketball-first school, and for valid reasons. The teams  never been all that good, but this year, the team is looking heavily stacked. Not only is this team filled with talent with big names such as Charles Murphy, Bryce and Dean Ford, Timothy Hogan, Colin Walsh and Sean Nolan, but this team is filled with heart. Never before have I gone to a John Jay athletics event, let alone a basketball game, where I’ve seen a team mesh together like these young boys do. Even with an unfavorable schedule (10 of 11 of their first games were away), John Jay came out firing on all cylinders. Immediately, the chemistry was apparent. It seemed like the team had been playing together for years. Charlie Murphy tossed a beautiful pass to Bryce Ford for a easy layup. Tim Hogan was splashing from every part of the court, merely toying with defenders. All in all, it was a work of art. I had to get to the bottom of how they worked so well together. Immediately after the game, I contacted my sources and landed an interview with Charlie Murphy. In this interview, much was revealed about the teams past. This team has actually been playing together since before 7th grade, on various AAU and Cyo teams, such as Riptide and Saint Mary’s. That’s the clear difference here between any other team in John Jay past. This team plays like a single unit, knowing exactly where each other are and what they are doing. They know exactly how to execute the right plays with each other at the right time because they’ve been doing it for so long. Murphy understands how important this chemistry is, and even said that the team was, “ready to shock the Section and bring the gold to JJ.”
With all the momentum on their side, John Jay is looking to do something never done before. Win the Section 1 Championship. Can they do it? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out, but they sure do have a shot.